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WVU Hardy County Extension Office has relocated to 144 Emergency Lane. Phone and Fax numbers remain the same. Stop by and see us at our new location. Open House is February 16 from 12-5 p.m.

Office Information

WVU Extension Service
Hardy County Office
144 Emergency Lane
Moorefield, WV 26836

Phone 304-530-0273
Fax 304-530-0262

Office Hours 8:30 – 4:30 Mon-Fri

WVU Serving all 55 of West Virginia’s Counties

The WVU Extension Service provides community programs in throughout the state with support from West Virginia University faculty and staff. WVU also maintains a historic special-mission campus at WVU Jackson’s Mill Center for Lifelong Learning and State 4-H Camp near Weston, West Virginia.

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4-H and FFA Market Steer Exhibitors:

Market Steer Weigh-In/ Tagging for 2015 has been cancelled due to a lack of time on Saturdays in March and with bio-security becoming more of an issue in production agriculture we should carry that over into our youth programs.

Tagging requirements: The procedure will be as follows:
1. Order tags:
a. For State Fair
Exhibitors are to order state fair tags by calling your local WVU Extension Office by March 2, 2015. We will need the exhibitors name along with the number of animals that they will be tagging. Please indicate steer or heifer on the list. For the State Fair exhibitors are limited to three (3) animals, one of which must be of a different sex.
b. For Tri-County Fair
State Fair tags will be accepted at the Tri-County Fair (TCF). So if you think there is a chance that you will want to show your steer at the State Fair order those tags. If you know that you are just going to exhibit your market steer at the TCF order TCF tags by calling your local WVU Extension Office 530-0273 by March 2, 2015. Tell us the exhibitors name and number of steers to be tagged. Just steers are eligible to be shown in the market steer show at the TCF and exhibitors are limited to tagging 2 for the TCF.
2. Pickup and sign for tags
Exhibitors are to pick up and sign that they received their market beef project tags for both the TCF and the State Fair of West Virginia at the local WVU Extension Office after March 9. Tag applicators will be available to loan if necessary.
3. Tag and submit photos
Exhibitors are to tag and take two digital photos of their steers and email them to their local Extension office. For the TCF one picture should show a close up of the tag in the steer’s ear and one picture should show a side view of the animal. For the State Fair exhibitors must return to the Extension Office two pictures of their animal. One picture will show the visual tag in the animal and the other should show the RFID tag in the animal. Submit photos to your local WVU Extension Office, no later than March 31, 2015. You can email them to Tammy at tammy.wimer@mail.wvu.edu.
There will not be a Rate-of-Gain Contest this year due to the cancelling of the weigh-in.

Goat workshop

March 28 Saturday, 2 pm
at the Wilkins Farm on Shenandoah Mountain Road in Mathias WV.
Julie Barb from Virginia will be presenting the workshop along with some others. They will cover selection, vaccination, feeding, exhibition and showing goats.
RSVP to Donna Wilkins at 304-897-5817.

Tri County Fair Market Animal Weigh-in Dates/Times

Any 4-H or FFA member in Grant, Hardy or Pendleton counties who is enrolled in a Market Animal project by Jan 1st and wants to show at the 2015 Tri-County Fair is required by fair rules to bring their animals for the mandatory weigh-in on the following dates:

Market Lamb and Market Goat—Friday, June 5, 2015 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
or Saturday, June 6, 2015 8 a.m. – Noon

These weigh-ins serve as a gauge for the exhibitor to tract each animal’s daily growth. The weigh-in is to help members correct problems with their animal’s care months before the fair.

All weigh-ins will be at the Tri-County Fairgrounds, Petersburg.

A 4-H or FFA member does not have to be present at the weigh-in but is his responsibility to see animal is there on the designated day and time. 2015 entry forms will be available at weigh-ins.

Market Hog—NO On Site Tagging. Due to bio-security, tagging will follow procedures used in 2014. Rules will be available soon.

2015 State Fair update

The fair dates for 2015 are August 14-23.

Changes for 2015
• An official State Fair of WV Junior Livestock Entry Form must be completed online by Friday, July 10 by 12 midnight. Junior show entries MUST BE MADE ONLINE. NO PAPER ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED! A list of all entries, from your county, will be sent from the Fair Office to Extension Agents/FFA Advisors for approval. Exhibitors will be notified of approval by a letter before the Fair.

• Showmanship- Starting in 2015

o All junior exhibitors will be required to show in the showmanship contest for each animal species they are exhibiting. Those who do not show in showmanship will NOT be allowed to show in other classes or participate in Youth Livestock Sale. In this rule, animal species refers to Market Hogs, Market Lambs, Market Steers, Market Heifers, Beef Heifers, Feeder Steers, Purebred Sheep, Purebred Swine, Dairy, Market Goats and Junior Horse and Pony.

• Market Lambs
o All lambs must be skin clipped prior to weigh-in. In the past, all lambs were to be skin clipped prior to arriving at the fair.

• Market Hogs
o Exhibitors may show 2 market hogs. The show will not be terminal

We will be doing the tagging for market hogs the same as in 2014.
• Exhibitors will be required to pick-up tags from the Extension Office/school,
• tag their own animals
• Bring a picture of the tagged animal back to the office by the set deadline.
o If you have a large number of animals, I would strongly encourage you to have an animal-less tagging day. This would be the day that all pictures would be due.

2015 Garden Calendar

Planning – some of us love it, some of us try to ignore it. But one thing is for certain, planning makes any undertaking more productive and goes a long way toward eliminating wasted effort.

Planning is key for producing an abundant and successful garden. This year, look at WVU’s Garden Calendar articles early to learn what good garden planning entails before you start your garden.

From pointers on plant selection, location, and soil preparation to tips about seeds, garden upkeep, and harvesting, this information will help you make your gardening experience both satisfying and productive.

Each month’s illustration depicts examples of vegetables that can be harvested in that month. Whether it is potatoes you stored for a February harvest; gathering corn, apples, and tomatoes in late summer; or collecting kale in December – planning will help you reap an abundant garden year-round.

Don’t forget our bonus article at the end of the calendar introducing two unexpected vegetables that you can try this gardening season for something new.

As always, the “by the date” garden information will help remind you when certain gardening chores should be done. For best results do the tasks around the suggested date – within a few days, either way, usually will work. Some tasks have an even longer implementation range that will still give you good results.

However, if you have any questions about timing or other gardening concerns, please contact your county’s WVU Extension Service office.

Enjoy this year’s Garden Calendar and may you have an abundant harvest! Stop by and get yours today.